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iMacros script auto send requests to join groups on facebook

iMacros script auto Join group

Groups on facebook are like forums where people with the same views, interests, or in a certain group join to care, discuss, share information, do business, trade… about a certain issue or field.
Previously, groups were created or labeled as “spam”, but until recently, groups were created with a clear purpose, attracted a lot of participants and became increasingly active and active. very true to the meaning in which it was created. For facebook marketing, this can be considered a huge market to exploit.

Follow these steps auto send requests to join groups on facebook:
Step 1: Download Firefox 53.0 and addon imacros
Step 2: Download file autojoin.iim  then move the file autojoin.iim to the directory containing the imacro script

Step 3: Click “play” to run the program

If you want to run continuously click on loop and choose the number of loops you want






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